Pompholyx (Dyshidrotic) Eczema Treated By Homeopathy

This was a case of a 9 year old girl who came to see me in May this year, chronic pompholyx eczema on her hands and feet. been a problem for several years. Many trips to the doctor and lots of steroid creams only ever gave temporary relief. Steroid creams act in a suppressive way, once they are stopped the condition usually returns. Steroid creams aren’t safe to be used constantly as they thin the skin and make it more fragile and damaged with long term use.

Monica’s hands and feet were always sweaty and the eczema would itch and blister. her feet were scarred from years of eruptions and scabs. Monica was starting to become more self conscious of her feet and hands and her dad brought her to see me in May after another unsuccessful trip to the GP, and yet another prescription for a steroid cream.

monica-B4I gave Monica the remedy Silica, in 30c potency, one a night for a week. Silica being an excellent skin remedy when there is the presence of extreme sweating to the hands and feet. Monica did not sweat excessively anywhere else on her body. Silica is also well indicated for skin scarring and slow to heal wounds so I felt this was the appropriate remedy at this time.

6 Weeks later….

The skin was starting to heal, there were no new eruptions of the eczema and the sweating was subsiding. I was told that when her dad held her hand on a walk he couldn’t believe that it wasn’t sweaty anymore!

August 2017

This was the second (and last) appointment I had with Monica. As you can see from the photo below, the hands and feet are now soft and free of scars and eczema. All of this was achieved in 3 months, with one remedy, after years of steroid creams failed to achieve a permanent resolution. Even through a hot summer with her feet in trainers, Monica’s feet remain free from the eczema that blighted much of her early childhood.


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To read Monica’s testimonial please click here

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