Homeopathy & Cerebral Palsy

I first met Sebby in 2015 when he was almost 2 years old. I have had the privilege to treat him over the last 2 years and would love to share his story with you.

Background: Sebby was born at home in 2013, he presented with a cord prolapse, the midwife called an ambulance and whilst waiting for help had to push Sebby up into the birth canal to hold his head off of the cord, after 5 minutes the ambulance arrived and Sebby was born dead, he was revived and came back to life within a few minutes, it is not known how long he had been without oxygen. Neither the midwife nor the ambulance crew had oxygen masks for a child, or an oxygen stat machine. He was transferred between 2 hospitals and was placed in a cooling machine for 72 hours to try and limit the damage to his brain.
Sebby has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and later with a diagnosis of spastic quadriplegia. Mentally he is like any other little boy, he is funny and happy, if not a little frustrated at times by his lack of mobility. For Sebby the handicap he has is physical.

First Appointment: October 2015, Sebby was developing slowly and suffered very large poo for such a young child, teething issues and he also suffered spasms of his neck and had almost no neck control at all due to the brain damage he had suffered at birth. Sebby also had a very peculiar symptom of not being able to breath when outside in windy weather. He would choke and be sick if he was facing into the wind. It was becoming quite a problem for his mum, Ann, who could not take him on walks or even through some shop doorways as they blow air down onto you. After his first remedy that stopped, and has never returned. Ann noticed a positive change in him and described it as “he has woken up” he began to interact more with his surrounding and tried to communicate more. His neck spasms temporarily increased after the remedy Calc Carb, and then subsided. They still occur but with much less frequency.

Dec 2015 At Sebby’s second appointment Ann said she was pleased with his progress and he now seemed like a little boy rather than a floppy baby, family members had commented on the change and yet no one could quite put their finger on what had altered. Sebby sees a cranio therapist and also has regular Bowen treatments to help his mobility and muscles. I repeat the Calc Carb 1M as progress is being made

Feb 2016 The third appointment and improved strength is reported and Sebby is able to support himself better, his neck control is still weak but it is improved. Cranio & Bowen  treatments are targeting the diaphragm and neck muscles so I prescribe him Rainbow 10M to take after these sessions. The diaphragm is important in Cerebral Palsy cases as the trauma of the starved oxygen at birth is held here, cranio & Bowen are working to open up the rib cage which in turn will strengthen neck control. Sycamore Seed 30c was given to take prior to a Bowen treatment as its vital to support the work of all the therapists involved in the treatment of Sebby.

In August 2016 I see Sebby again and Ann reports a growth spurt, since Sebby has been small for his age it is good to see him thriving. This is the appointment where Ann tells me she received the spastic quadriplegia diagnosis. Sebby is suffering spasms in his legs and his toes are contracted and curling up. He is due to start at nursery school in the next month, he is growing up and Ann reports much chatter from him, although it isn’t well formed words, he certainly has a lot to say! I decide on Causticum 30c to see if we can address the muscle spasms and do anything for the weak neck control. A few days after seeing Sebby I pick up an answer machine message from Ann who is delighted by his response, his spasms had reduced and after a few days were barely there at all.

November 2016 the spasms have stopped (although Ann reports they returned over a few days when she forgot to give the remedy). He is chatting more and more and is able to eat and chew now. He’s hit the terrible twos! He dislikes being left alone in a room and it’s clear his lack of mobility is a great frustration to him. His toes are still curling. His arm control is much improved

March 17: At this appointment so much seems to have changed since November, the spasms have lessened, toes still curl. Neck is better, and I was sent a YouTube link to a recording of Sebby walking with help. This is an incredible achievement for Sebby, and a testament to the sheer love and determination his parents have for him. They never limit him and this is very inspirational. They have sought out an incredible Bowen practitioner, Cranio Osteopath and McTimoney chiropractor to work with Sebby. Many therapists having different input into this case, and support each others work. 

I change my approach to this case now, I look at the aetiology of this case, lack of oxygen at birth and brain injury. And i wonder what a high dose of Arnica will do? So i prescribe Sebby Arnica 10M single dose.
I hear nothing for a few days and then I am contacted by Ann who says that Sebby went very quiet and appeared to be in another world for a few days. He was calm and content but occupied in his mind, like he was processing something.

I feel high potency remedies are important here, there is a lot of energy in this child and I do feel he burns through many remedies quickly. Having spoken to other colleagues with Cerebral Palsy experience, we observed that the higher potencies can be powerful in treating the symptoms of this condition. For Sebby it is about helping him to have the best life possible, with as much mobility as possible. We are learning so much about the brain and neuro-plasticity, there is always hope and Sebby is the most determined young man! I look forward to watching him meet his milestones and continue to defy the labels and limitations that modern medicine seem to want to keep placing on him.

Many thanks to Ann for allowing me to tell Sebby’s story and use his gorgeous photo

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