The Case of the 7 Year Impacted Bowel



January 2018:

Katie is 7 years old. She came to see me with a chronic issue of constipation and withholding her stools since she was a tiny baby. She was under the care of an incontinence team and a few months ago had to undergo a dis-impaction procedure that involved a week off school and frequent daily doses of strong laxatives. Not pleasant for Katie or her Mum.

She had very large stools and until she was put on a daily dose of Movicol she was only going once a week, which was very painful and traumatic for her and her family. She has been taking Movicol daily for many years. She suffered abdominal hardness and frequent stomach aches (understandably). She was afraid to go to the toilet as it hurt her, so she would avoid going, resulting in frequent leakage and a lot of buying of new underwear. Katie said she would not go to the toilet at school and would not go without her Mum with her.


Katie was afraid of the dark and of being upstairs on her own because “something is coming to get me” she was always a bit reluctant to go to bed and often had dreams of being chased. Apart from the bowel issue she was in fact a very healthy child. She ate well and had only had a couple of courses of antibiotics in her life.

Katie loves to perform, singing and dancing, she has no nerves on stage and loves being the centre of attention. She can be bossy and likes to be in control. Her mum says she is very strong willed but a sensitive child. Katie had been playing with her lego and stopped to say to me “I’m sensitive”she also dislikes loud noises (unless she is the one making them!)
She loves school and is very particular about what clothes she wears, declaring that she likes gold and sparkles!

I decide on Phosphorus as a remedy for Katie. I give her 3 doses at 200c potency to be taken over 3 nights.

Phosphorus children are extremely sensitive! I find them to be very charismatic and delightful to treat. They can be shy but also very extrovert. They are the performers, they attract attention wherever they go. In the remedy Phos we see many fears. Fears of the dark and fear of noise. Phos has its main action on the bone, nerve and blood in the body.

March 2018:

Katie arrived at my house, cheerful as ever, (and I will admit to not expecting to see much improvement so soon, bearing in mind this has been a lifelong chronic problem)
Apparently Katie has been going everyday, on her own! It doesn’t hurt as much (although her stools are still on the large side)
She says she has had no tummy aches and doesn’t feel scared to go to the toilet now. She is also spending more time alone upstairs, when it is dark! Had a dream she was chased by a troll, so still need work in this area.
She has developed a few spots on her chin and around her mouth (which I wonder is related to toxins from the bowel being released via the skin)nikki

Oh, and the best bit is that since after her first appointment she has only been on 2 sachets of Movicol a week! Amazing progress and I am so delighted.

This time the Phos is repeated at 1M potency, and I give Katie some tissue salts to help with the skin and also to help support the elasticity of her colon, the incontinence nurse seems to think that she is having large stools due to a stretched bowel (I am not convinced as shes had this since a few weeks old after all)
We are now dropping the Movicol to ½ a sachet 2-3 times a week. I don’t think this is going to be an issue.

I’m reviewing Katie again in May so i’m really looking forward to seeing what happens.

Update July 2018:

Katie is doing well. She has been off of all movicol for 3 months now and the incontinence team at the hospital have discharged her from their care. She is happy and going to the toilet on her own with no issues. Life is vastly improved and mum has no concerns. I have signed her off as there is nothing more to do here.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

First published to Steemit 26/3/18

Turning Night Sweats into Sweet Nights


Nov 2017:
I met 43 year old Susan back in November last year. Her main complaint was severe night sweats, every night, without fail. She had to sleep on a bath towel. She had difficulty getting off to sleep, and would wake up in the early hours drenched and cold.
Her periods were extremely painful and the week prior to her period she “turned into a hormonal monster” she reported flying off the handle for no reason. Her husband joked about moving into the garage for his own sanity.
Susan had lots of lumpy skin complaints in the week leading up to her period, along with agonising stomach cramps that would have her clock watching for the next dose of paracetamol and ibuprofen. She said that once her period began the pain would disappear, although the sweats were relentless and the skin was never great.
I made a note of her symptoms and attempted my usual line of questioning, but I never really got an answer as she spoke constantly, at high speed and jumped between subjects at astonishing speed! I made a note of this – as it was a very good indication of what I believed would be the perfect remedy!

I decided upon on a prescription of Lachesis 200c. Lachesis being a huge hormonal remedy (although there are many others) The keynotes of Lachesis are: Going to bed fine and waking up in an aggravation. This was evident in the sleep sweats, they occurred while Susan was asleep and she woke up wet and cold. Lachesis is also a fantastic remedy for suppression of discharges. In Susan we see sweat as a discharge, and also emotional discharges like anger and verbal discharges of fast talking. Lachesis is a remedy that is better for free discharge – and when Susan’s period came all her pain and anger would abate. Clever!

Jan 2018: Susan reported a reduction in the night sweats, only occurring every few nights now. She is sleeping better and feels less volatile (compounded by her husband no longer joking about moving out!) Skin is better, no new lumps under the skin or in the hair margins on her scalp. The existing ones are getting smaller. Period was a little heavier that it had been but was less painful and she hadn’t needed to take pain relief or use a hot water bottle.
She’s still talking at the speed of light so I decide I need to learn shorthand as I cannot keep up with her and writing my notes!
Lachesis, but move up to 1M potency

March 2018: I was met by a very different woman this time! Susan reported that she had not had a night sweat since mid January. She is happy that she doesn’t have to shower at 1am anymore.
Period was not as heavy and again there was no pain. The skin is clean and the lumps have all gone. She says she’s “not felt this good in 5 years.”

I didn’t give a remedy this time as I would like to see her after another couple of cycles of her period, just to make sure the Lachesis has completed its action. I have other ideas of where I would like to go with this case. But for now I am just watching and waiting for the body to make its next move!

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First published to Steemit 23rd March 2018

The story of the beige eating boy

In practice I am surprised by the number of children i’m seeing who will only eat beige foods. Ed’s story is just one of many I could tell.

Ed is 7, his mum brought him to see me in January this year with concerns over his immunity. Life was a constant cycle of colds, swollen glands and chesty coughs, he would always seem to have some viral condition that he could never completely shake off.
When he was ill he would spike some massive fevers.

He was a very outgoing confident child, popular with his school friends, if not a little bossy! Very hyperactive and extremely vocal, he could get a bit ‘slap happy’ according to his teacher.
There was nothing that stood out in his medical history to explain the constant ill health (often I see a situation where a child has never been well since a major viral/bacterial infection, and this often has to be addressed first in order to shift the case along).

He was permanently snotty. His mum despaired at his fussy eating habits, scrutinising and smelling his food became an obsession. All food had to be crispy, beige and overcooked, even if his food passed the smell and texture test, it was still mostly left on his plate at the end of a meal time. Ed was tall for his age, and very thin. His sleep was sporadic and he would often wake covered from head to toe in sweat, sometimes he would wake 4-5 times a night and his Mum was exhausted.

I gave Ed the remedy Tuberculinum (Tub). This is a big remedy for snotty, boisterous and hyperactive children and one I use quite often, where indicated. There are many remedies that can address immunity issues so it’s important I really get an understanding of the personality of the child, not just their health complaints.

March 18: Second Appointment:

It never ceases to amaze me how fast children can respond to the right remedy! Almost immediately after the first dose Ed asks to try some of his big brother’s broccoli at dinner time. His mum says she can barely contain her excitement as he takes a bite (after a quick sniff!). From that day he has actively asked to try food off of his parents plate. He still likes a crunchy texture and prefers his veg lightly cooked or raw. His appetite is massive and he is asking for food constantly.
The snotty nose has disappeared and he has not had a cough or throat issue since January. Gained weight and sleeping all night now. Still has high energy levels but not as hyper as before.
He has developed some eczema on his legs, I am told by his mum that he had this when he was a baby but it was “fixed” with a cream from the doctor.
A return of an old symptom is seen as a good thing, it shows to me that the body has the energy now to bring back these old imbalances, that have been suppressed, so they can be released from the body. Ed isn’t bothered by it, it isn’t itchy or problematic and is much milder than it was when he was a baby.
It’s already started to fade so I am happy to watch and wait to see what happens.
I decide not to give a remedy at this point as the only thing I would want to prescribe on is the eczema, and the body is dealing with this. I give Ed some tissue salts as a general support for his growth and skin and arrange to review him again in a few weeks. Sometimes it’s better not to give a remedy when one may not be needed.

Less is more and homeopathy is merely a catalyst for the body’s own healing mechanism.

My belief is that Ed was stuck in a loop of poor eating and not having a strong enough immune system to overcome his illnesses. With an improvement in his appetite and the introduction of about 15 new foods, he has come on in leaps and bounds. I suggested pro-biotics to his mum as a support for his gut, he had several courses of antibiotics in the last few years for his chest and tonsil problems so this would have had an impact on him. So lovely to see a boy looking and feeling so much better.

Photos by Leti Kugler & Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash
First published to Steemit March 2018

Concussion – A Simple Homeopathic Resolution


15 year old girl “J” came to see me recently, she had sustained a head injury and subsequent concussion at school the week before, Nasty incident of a fire door being flung open, and poor J completely unaware and on the wrong side of it. She was so dazed that she was hit twice by it before falling out the way.

She had to be collected from school and taken to the GP as she felt nauseous, and had a terrible headache. She couldn’t focus her eyes and was suffering from photo-phobia. The GP diagnosed severe concussion and sent her home with a warning to go straight to A&E if she was vomiting or her symptoms worsened.

Over the weekend the headache was unrelenting and the eyesight was still a problem, coupled with extreme tiredness. J had not been back to school since the incident and was unable to do any revision for her upcoming GCSEs. She went to A&E but was told it would take time to recover and could last weeks!

J’s mum had given her Arnica in 30C potency straight after and a few doses over the weekend, but it wasn’t helping, she ended up coming to see me 6 days after her concussion.

Whilst she was with me I gave her one dose of Arnica 10M (Arnica was the right remedy for her, but I just felt this needed a higher potency now) J slid down onto my couch and was asleep within minutes of taking the Arnica, we let her sleep for a short time.
When she woke up she said her headache had gone and she felt better.

I sent her home with some Helleborus 30c which is excellent for headaches caused by vision impairment after concussion.

J slept again when she got home and a couple of doses of Helleborus have much improved the eye sight and is helping her study again. I also gave her some Hypericum 30c for the whiplash type injury she had to her neck.

Arnica is an incredible remedy and well indicated for trauma or blows to the head, its a remedy we think of for use in a Stroke as it has a thinning action on the blood – hence its ability to speed up the process of bruising and soft tissue trauma.

Arnica is an excellent remedy to have on hand. Every home should have some!

A short and simple acute case that resolved easily. But it’s amazing in practice, how often I see people who tell me they’ve never been well since a head injury or trauma. These types of accidents can have long lasting consequences and I wonder if these accidents had been treated with homeopathy soon after they happened, what the health of that person would be like now?

With this in mind I have seen remedies address symptoms that have been deep-set within the body for many years. Time is no match for homeopathy, if a symptom is present from a long past event, it can still work its wonders and help the body to re-balance itself. It can do this with mental and emotional states as well as physical trauma.

Homeopathy can be a powerful and safe alternative way to address many acute and chronic conditions. Often the mainstream medical approach cannot provide relief, as this case demonstrates. If you are suffering and are struggling to find a solution then consider consulting a homeopath. You have nothing to lose! Homeopathic remedies can be used alongside conventional medicine, often helping with the undesirable side effects of  prescription or OTC drugs.

First published to Steemit  22nd March 2018


Why should Homeopathy be silenced?


Too long have we homeopaths lurked under the radar of what we can, but mostly can’t say, in terms of our beloved therapy. Personally, in practice, I have seen some astounding results using this traditional form of medicine, some that I have shared in my past blogs.
At a time when conventional medicine is failing many people, homeopathy deserves to have its say, its time is NOW.

When I blog someones case, or publish their testimonial, it is because homeopathy has helped that person, these are genuine and honest accounts of real life responses to treatment. It does not mean that every person suffering in a similar way or with a similar condition will benefit from the same form of treatment, but the potential is there, and it has a right to be in the public domain. People have a right to choose what they can access and research, to be allowed to form their own opinion. If we Homeopaths are constantly smacked down by the regulating bodies then this is not freedom of speech. If Homeopathy is a load of old quackery, let the public find that out for themselves, no publicity is bad publicity, and there is no smoke without fire. People need to be given the option.

Before I knew any better, I went to my GP with my son, for a chest infection. The GP prescribed antibiotics and told me that they would clear his chest. They didn’t, neither did the subsequent course that also came with a “With this antibiotic you will see an improvement” promise. Where is the regulation here? The drugs didn’t work, they were falsely advertised to me and actually had really unpleasant side effects, which weren’t mentioned either. Why is there no regulation in the consulting room of a GP? Luckily I saw an amazing homeopath who sorted that chest infection quickly!

In my quest to see what a medical practitioner (of any modality) should say and not say about their treatment, I took a look at the Hippocratic Oath, based on the principles of Hippocrates, taken from an ancient greek medical text, the modern day translation had the following excerpts that interest me:

‘I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who follow’ I will share my patients success stories with whoever wants to read about them. Homeopathy is owed a place in the public domain where honest and positive accounts of treatment can be freely accessed. There is plenty of scientific studies showing its efficacy.

‘I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures that are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism” This is a good one, therapeutic nihilism being the idea that many medications do more harm than good and that the body should be supported and encouraged to heal itself, a few less pointless antibiotics prescriptions for viral infections and a bit more homeopathy maybe?!

‘I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure’ A no brainer really, and again if the previous principle is upheld, and we avoid therapeutic nihilism then the body is far better equipped to function without being under additional stress of western medicine.Homeopathy aims to support the body in the most gentle way, using non suppressive treatments.

This oath makes no reference to promising cures but I believe the general advice is that doctors and patients may not enter into a contract which promises a cure. So how come this happens? As a homeopath I would never claim to cure, even retrospectively! I promise to do my best and treat my patient with respect and confidentiality. I never ask them to come off of their medications and always encourage them to speak to their GP if they wish to stop their drugs.

Personally, I don’t feel under attack from anyone, I go about my day doing what I can, when I can. I will always be transparent in my reporting of cases and testimonials. I respect honesty and integrity and this is why I won’t shy away from sharing how powerful homeopathy is.

For the public, make up your own mind, if you choose to do so.

We homoeopaths are not big phamas, we are the do no harmers. This is our Oath.

Photos by Marco Bianchetti and Isabella Jusková on Unsplash
First published to Steemit Feb 2018

Melasma & Chloasma – A case for Homeopathy


Melasma (also known as Chloasma) can be an unsightly condition affecting many people. I was 28 when I developed this large patch of melasma on the side of my face. It started off quite small and pale in colour, but over the years it grew and darkened. New patches would spring up around my eyes and on my forehead. These would fade and be barely visible over time, but that one big patch just kept on spreading and darkening. It became impossible to cover with makeup and I knew I had to do something about it.

I had tried many ‘cures’ over the years with no improvement at all. High potency vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, creams aimed at targeting hyperpigmentation – nothing worked. I drew the line at laser surgery as there had to be a less invasive way, and reading others experiences of lasering, it often made the problem worse and damaged the skin permanently.

Melasma has many causes, from sun damage to hormonal imbalances. It is common during pregnancy, but usually resolves once the hormone levels return to normal after childbirth. This did not happen for me, it worsened throughout both my pregnancies and never improved.

Last summer I decided to take action against it.
I figured the first place to start was my hormones. I realised that the years I had been on the contraceptive pill had been the time it started to appear, however it had been 10 years since stopping the pill and really, could that be the culprit? Being a homeopath I ran a simple contraceptive pill detox on myself using remedies to support and regulate the hormonal system and test my theory.

This was a 3 month programme and during that time I didn’t notice any real change in the melasma, it remained defiant on my cheek. It is hard to treat yourself homeopathically , so I thought I would take some of my own advice and be patient.

Over the next month I noticed 2 things, firstly it was easier to cover with makeup, a small dab of concealer and it was gone, before I had to use camouflage makeup if I was going out, or trowel on several layers of concealer to tame it a bit. I also noticed on closer inspection that the edges of the mark were softening, it began to lose its strong dark border, and in the centre of the mark pinker skin was appearing.

melasma image.jpg

6 months from detox:
It is almost gone now (as you can see from the photos) I am taking no other remedies for it. I hope that in another few months it will completely disappear, but it’s so much better that I hardly notice it anymore.

8 months from treatment and still improving

The contraceptive pill is not the wonder drug I thought it was in my younger years, it can cause all manor of problems with our hormones. My hormones had been suppressed for years under this drug. It’s a shame there is not more education for young girls. I see many 12 and 13 year olds put on the Pill by their GP for period problems, there is so much that can be done for hormonal issues with homeopathy and natural therapies, as this case demonstrates.

First published to Steemit – February 2018

IBS – Addressing acute symptoms with homeopathy

Anyone who has ever suffered with IBS will know how debilitating a flare up can be. Sometimes there seems to be no obvious cause for the sudden onset of those all to familiar symptoms that leave us anxious and stressed, and then these mental states in turn exacerbate the condition. We reach for the Immodium or the Buscopan in the hope that it might work for us, this time.

If this is how your life feels sometimes, or most of the time, then maybe it’s time to consider a different approach? Homeopathy for many has been a way to take back control and avoid using medications that can have some undesirable side effects. If the meds aren’t working then maybe it’s time to consider homeopathy? I did, and it completely changed my life, and ultimately my career.

Whatever type of IBS you suffer from, there are remedies you can try to help get you through the acute symptoms.


Great Urge: You have the urge to go, yet nothing happens, much straining and effort to only pass a tiny amount. Never feeling like you’ve gone properly? Nux Vomica is ideal for ineffectual urging, constipation, heartburn & hemorrhoids. (Nux is a great remedy for the after effects of overindulgence of food and alcohol. It’s a remedy of excess, and this can be from working too hard or burning the candle at both ends) If you are feeling irritable and frustrated with the inner workings of your bowel then give Nux Vomica a try.

Inactivity of Colon: Chronic severe and relentless constipation. Pulsating sensation in rectum. Much straining and effort. Painful urging for great lengths of time. Hard and dry stools, great dryness of all mucus membranes. Aluminum Oxydata (Alum) is a good remedy for chronic and severe constipation and very useful for constipation in infants and the elderly too (I often use this remedy after patients have come off of laxatives, to help restore some kind of peristalsis in the rectum, long term use of laxatives can make the colon inactive)

Constipation with bloating: Food allergies/intolerances, noisy stomach, sensitive to fermented foods, bread, and hard to digest foods (onions, wheat, beans, lentils etc) Alternating with diarrhoea, stools that start as hard and difficult to pass and then become loose. Lycopodium Clavatum(one of my most prescribed IBS remedies! A real go to for weak digestion, bloating and food sensitivities)


Sudden onset of diarrhoea that causes us feel chilly, with great anxiety and panic, accompanied by violent burning, cramping pains in the bowel, watery diarrhoea with or without nausea/vomiting – Arsenicum Albumwould be my go to remedy. (Arsenicum is also our No 1 Food poisoning and gastroenteritis remedy and worth having in the house)
I use this for people who have IBS that alternate between D & C

Frequent urge with diarrhoea: Burning pains in the rectum after going to the toilet. Constipation & diarrhoea, symptoms usually worse in the morning, upon waking and accompanied by much gas & colicky pains. Dioscorea (also indicated for bloating, see below)

Emotional & Anxiety causation: If your IBS-D flares up when you are upset or anxious then Argentum Nitricum could be great for you. Nervous stomach issues, anticipatory anxiety with diarrhoea, panic, distension and that feeling that your stomach is restricted by a tight band. Try Arg Nit. (Sugar cravings and symptoms made worse by sugar are a good indication for use of this remedy)

Sudden Urge after eating: That all to familiar uneasy sensation in the rectum after (or during) a meal. Weak feeling in the bowel, driven out of bed in the morning by the urge. Noisy digestion. Mucus in stools, watery diarrhoea. Nausea and feeling of stomach contents rising up, often accompanied by headache. Aloe Socotrina (Aloe)

Possibly the most uncomfortable feeling in the world is when our stomach bloats for no obvious reason. We scrutinise what we ate that day. What is going on? We’ve eaten that bread before and this didn’t happen!

Trapped Wind If this bloating is eased by flatulence, or if it is caused by trapped wind then Carbo Veg is a potential remedy for you. Suitable for that sudden stomach inflation after a meal, when you have to loosen your trousers. Carbo veg can also be used for constipation or difficulty passing even a soft stool. Another useful hemorrhoid remedy (of which there are many!)

Fruit: Does fruit cause you to bloat? Is there a lot of noise and fermentation happening in you gut? You have the urge to burp, yet this does not help the bloating or pain? China Officinalis is a wonderful remedy for these symptoms (also excellent for post operative gas and dehydration caused from prolonged diarrhoea or vomiting)

Pain: Extreme pain and distension forcing you to double up or hold onto your stomach? Pain that comes in waves and radiates around the navel? Colocynthis is well indicated for these symptoms, when your intestines feel like they are being gripped hard.

Weak Digestion: When we’ve eaten too much, or eaten the foods that disagree with us then Dioscorea can help settle the bloating. Burning pains in the stomach and much belching and flatulence. Pain forces us to double over, but this makes the pain worse. We stretch up and bend backwards to try and release the pressure. Sharp pains in the pit of the stomach, radiating from stomach to back, and even chest and arms (pains can quickly change location and be felt in fingers and toes!) passing a stool does not alleviate the pain.

There are hundreds of remedies for the symptoms of IBS. Above is a brief summary of the indications for use of some of the more well known remedies. As our symptoms are all unique and differ, so are remedies unique in their application and action.

IBS has a trigger, as a homeopath I want to help find and address that cause with you. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, leaky gut, etc… I do this by asking you about your life, your symptoms, how they make you feel, when they started etc

Triggers: Often we live under prolonged times of great pressure, sometimes it never lifts, and we adjust to living in such a way. The first place you tend to physically notice this ‘adjustment’ is in the gut.
Homeopathy can help the way we deal with our emotions, and can help assist us to find ways to acknowledge and release stress in a way that is much less detrimental to our health and wellbeing. I work with people to help the physical and debilitating symptoms of IBS whilst also working on the deeper issues that can hold us in a place of ill health.

I am always happy to have a no obligation chat about your symptoms and whether homeopathy could help you

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First published to Steemit March 2018