Melasma & Chloasma – A case for Homeopathy


Melasma (also known as Chloasma) can be an unsightly condition affecting many people. I was 28 when I developed this large patch of melasma on the side of my face. It started off quite small and pale in colour, but over the years it grew and darkened. New patches would spring up around my eyes and on my forehead. These would fade and be barely visible over time, but that one big patch just kept on spreading and darkening. It became impossible to cover with makeup and I knew I had to do something about it.

I had tried many ‘cures’ over the years with no improvement at all. High potency vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, creams aimed at targeting hyperpigmentation – nothing worked. I drew the line at laser surgery as there had to be a less invasive way, and reading others experiences of lasering, it often made the problem worse and damaged the skin permanently.

Melasma has many causes, from sun damage to hormonal imbalances. It is common during pregnancy, but usually resolves once the hormone levels return to normal after childbirth. This did not happen for me, it worsened throughout both my pregnancies and never improved.

Last summer I decided to take action against it.
I figured the first place to start was my hormones. I realised that the years I had been on the contraceptive pill had been the time it started to appear, however it had been 10 years since stopping the pill and really, could that be the culprit? Being a homeopath I ran a simple contraceptive pill detox on myself using remedies to support and regulate the hormonal system and test my theory.

This was a 3 month programme and during that time I didn’t notice any real change in the melasma, it remained defiant on my cheek. It is hard to treat yourself homeopathically , so I thought I would take some of my own advice and be patient.

Over the next month I noticed 2 things, firstly it was easier to cover with makeup, a small dab of concealer and it was gone, before I had to use camouflage makeup if I was going out, or trowel on several layers of concealer to tame it a bit. I also noticed on closer inspection that the edges of the mark were softening, it began to lose its strong dark border, and in the centre of the mark pinker skin was appearing.

melasma image.jpg

6 months from detox:
It is almost gone now (as you can see from the photos) I am taking no other remedies for it. I hope that in another few months it will completely disappear, but it’s so much better that I hardly notice it anymore.

8 months from treatment and still improving

The contraceptive pill is not the wonder drug I thought it was in my younger years, it can cause all manor of problems with our hormones. My hormones had been suppressed for years under this drug. It’s a shame there is not more education for young girls. I see many 12 and 13 year olds put on the Pill by their GP for period problems, there is so much that can be done for hormonal issues with homeopathy and natural therapies, as this case demonstrates.

First published to Steemit – February 2018

IBS – Addressing acute symptoms with homeopathy

Anyone who has ever suffered with IBS will know how debilitating a flare up can be. Sometimes there seems to be no obvious cause for the sudden onset of those all to familiar symptoms that leave us anxious and stressed, and then these mental states in turn exacerbate the condition. We reach for the Immodium or the Buscopan in the hope that it might work for us, this time.

If this is how your life feels sometimes, or most of the time, then maybe it’s time to consider a different approach? Homeopathy for many has been a way to take back control and avoid using medications that can have some undesirable side effects. If the meds aren’t working then maybe it’s time to consider homeopathy? I did, and it completely changed my life, and ultimately my career.

Whatever type of IBS you suffer from, there are remedies you can try to help get you through the acute symptoms.


Great Urge: You have the urge to go, yet nothing happens, much straining and effort to only pass a tiny amount. Never feeling like you’ve gone properly? Nux Vomica is ideal for ineffectual urging, constipation, heartburn & hemorrhoids. (Nux is a great remedy for the after effects of overindulgence of food and alcohol. It’s a remedy of excess, and this can be from working too hard or burning the candle at both ends) If you are feeling irritable and frustrated with the inner workings of your bowel then give Nux Vomica a try.

Inactivity of Colon: Chronic severe and relentless constipation. Pulsating sensation in rectum. Much straining and effort. Painful urging for great lengths of time. Hard and dry stools, great dryness of all mucus membranes. Aluminum Oxydata (Alum) is a good remedy for chronic and severe constipation and very useful for constipation in infants and the elderly too (I often use this remedy after patients have come off of laxatives, to help restore some kind of peristalsis in the rectum, long term use of laxatives can make the colon inactive)

Constipation with bloating: Food allergies/intolerances, noisy stomach, sensitive to fermented foods, bread, and hard to digest foods (onions, wheat, beans, lentils etc) Alternating with diarrhoea, stools that start as hard and difficult to pass and then become loose. Lycopodium Clavatum(one of my most prescribed IBS remedies! A real go to for weak digestion, bloating and food sensitivities)


Sudden onset of diarrhoea that causes us feel chilly, with great anxiety and panic, accompanied by violent burning, cramping pains in the bowel, watery diarrhoea with or without nausea/vomiting – Arsenicum Albumwould be my go to remedy. (Arsenicum is also our No 1 Food poisoning and gastroenteritis remedy and worth having in the house)
I use this for people who have IBS that alternate between D & C

Frequent urge with diarrhoea: Burning pains in the rectum after going to the toilet. Constipation & diarrhoea, symptoms usually worse in the morning, upon waking and accompanied by much gas & colicky pains. Dioscorea (also indicated for bloating, see below)

Emotional & Anxiety causation: If your IBS-D flares up when you are upset or anxious then Argentum Nitricum could be great for you. Nervous stomach issues, anticipatory anxiety with diarrhoea, panic, distension and that feeling that your stomach is restricted by a tight band. Try Arg Nit. (Sugar cravings and symptoms made worse by sugar are a good indication for use of this remedy)

Sudden Urge after eating: That all to familiar uneasy sensation in the rectum after (or during) a meal. Weak feeling in the bowel, driven out of bed in the morning by the urge. Noisy digestion. Mucus in stools, watery diarrhoea. Nausea and feeling of stomach contents rising up, often accompanied by headache. Aloe Socotrina (Aloe)

Possibly the most uncomfortable feeling in the world is when our stomach bloats for no obvious reason. We scrutinise what we ate that day. What is going on? We’ve eaten that bread before and this didn’t happen!

Trapped Wind If this bloating is eased by flatulence, or if it is caused by trapped wind then Carbo Veg is a potential remedy for you. Suitable for that sudden stomach inflation after a meal, when you have to loosen your trousers. Carbo veg can also be used for constipation or difficulty passing even a soft stool. Another useful hemorrhoid remedy (of which there are many!)

Fruit: Does fruit cause you to bloat? Is there a lot of noise and fermentation happening in you gut? You have the urge to burp, yet this does not help the bloating or pain? China Officinalis is a wonderful remedy for these symptoms (also excellent for post operative gas and dehydration caused from prolonged diarrhoea or vomiting)

Pain: Extreme pain and distension forcing you to double up or hold onto your stomach? Pain that comes in waves and radiates around the navel? Colocynthis is well indicated for these symptoms, when your intestines feel like they are being gripped hard.

Weak Digestion: When we’ve eaten too much, or eaten the foods that disagree with us then Dioscorea can help settle the bloating. Burning pains in the stomach and much belching and flatulence. Pain forces us to double over, but this makes the pain worse. We stretch up and bend backwards to try and release the pressure. Sharp pains in the pit of the stomach, radiating from stomach to back, and even chest and arms (pains can quickly change location and be felt in fingers and toes!) passing a stool does not alleviate the pain.

There are hundreds of remedies for the symptoms of IBS. Above is a brief summary of the indications for use of some of the more well known remedies. As our symptoms are all unique and differ, so are remedies unique in their application and action.

IBS has a trigger, as a homeopath I want to help find and address that cause with you. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, leaky gut, etc… I do this by asking you about your life, your symptoms, how they make you feel, when they started etc

Triggers: Often we live under prolonged times of great pressure, sometimes it never lifts, and we adjust to living in such a way. The first place you tend to physically notice this ‘adjustment’ is in the gut.
Homeopathy can help the way we deal with our emotions, and can help assist us to find ways to acknowledge and release stress in a way that is much less detrimental to our health and wellbeing. I work with people to help the physical and debilitating symptoms of IBS whilst also working on the deeper issues that can hold us in a place of ill health.

I am always happy to have a no obligation chat about your symptoms and whether homeopathy could help you

Photo by Victoria Palacios on Unsplash
First published to Steemit March 2018

Colitis – Recovery after 15 years of suffering


Jo came to see me in March 2016 after struggling for many years with ulcerative colitis. It was bearable in the early days, but the last few years had been a succession of hospitalisations, daily medicated enemas and severe cramping and bleeding that left her exhausted, upset and unable to leave the house. The UC was taking over her life.

Conventionally she was being treated with biological infusions to suppress the immune response, as many of my clients are, but after several years these were no longer effective. Life was a struggle.

I don’t think Jo was expecting anything amazing from homeopathy, she wanted a cure but she knew that after so many years of suffering that she would just like to get some relief and the occasional respite from her extreme symptoms.

Jo was on a restricted diet, she was careful about what she ate, although she had no allergies to foods she was unable to tolerate many food groups.

I took her case on and told her what I tell everyone. I will do my best to help you.

The first remedy I sent her was Colocynthis, used to soothe and calm the cramps. Cramping was a major issue for Jo and I wanted to see if I could help that. The remedy did nothing.

May 2016

The second appointment was spent talking about how she felt about her illness, how it affected her and her family and how she dealt with the day to day struggles of managing her condition.

Jo told me that she felt very down about things, but no one around her would know this, she hid it well. And when someone behaved in a way that upset her she would just ignore it. She wasn’t angry and although she was ill she felt grateful that she wasn’t in a worse situation. Jo cared a lot about her family and would push herself to do as much as she could, despite their protests and requests for her to rest. Jo had the mindset that she could just do more and more and gave more of herself than she physically and emotionally could manage. Based on this deeper insight I gave Jo 2 remedies. Carcinosin and Mercury.

Carcinosin being a well indicated remedy in autoimmune conditions, but also I felt that Jo probably buried her annoyance and sadness rather than ignoring it as she had told me.

I cannot begin to tell you how much of a revelation occurred after Jo took the 1 pill. She became much more in tune with how she felt and recognised that emotionally she was taking on a lot of stresses from home and work. She acknowledged the times when she allowed herself to suppress anger.

The second remedy I gave was Mercury 200c. Jo took 1 a week for a few weeks. Mercury has many uses homeopathically, it is exceptionally good for ulceration (internally and externally) Since colitis is ulceration of the colon I hoped that this would help the pain and cramping.

July 2016

Jo is doing so well. She has not needed to use the medicated enimas for 6 weeks now. What was once a daily torture is slipping into a distant memory. Everything is moving along nicely here so I repeat both the remedies as before.

October 2016

Still no enemas! Jo is delighted. She chats to me about a few emotional things she wants addressed, she is recognising how she feels about situations and is mindful of her tendency to bottle things up. The colitis is not causing any pain, cramps or diarrhoea, no urgency and she can go out to work or with her family and not have to plan her route based around getting to a toilet.
Treatment for Jo is still ongoing, I know that it is a possibility that her colitis could flare up again, but Jo feels more in control of her illness and it no longer dictates her life. She knows how to use the remedies I prescribed her to calm the condition. She is aware of the emotional triggers that eluded her before, she is calling the shots now.

The best thing about this case is that I have never met Jo. She lives a long way away from me and in the early days she couldn’t have made the journey because of her condition.. She is just a voice on the phone, as many of my clients are.
With a condition like UC, IBS or Crohns, it is very stressful to make long journeys and feeling panicked and vulnerable only exacerbates the condition. This is why I offer phone or online appointments.

Whenever I finish my call with her I get such a good feeling, Jo is so grateful and is often sending people to me for help.

I love this job and I believe the potential for homeopathy is huge. Jo wasn’t a believer, but she had exhausted every other avenue. I am so glad that she persevered in her search for help.

First published to Steemit 09/01/18

IBS – Taking Back Control Of Your Body


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a condition I see frequently in practice as a homeopath. With more and more people diagnosed with IBS, I thought it appropriate to explain a few things about the gut and why it can become so problematic.

Firstly IBS is merely a medical catch-all term for any bowel or gut condition that has no pathology attached to it. In order to arrive at this generic diagnosis you would usually (if your doctor is thorough enough) have been through a few basic tests to see what is happening in your digestive system. Colonoscopies, endoscopies, blood & stool analysis, to rule out Crohn’s, Colitis, Proctitis, Coeliac disease, H-Pylori or other IBD related conditions.

So what do you do now?

Usually, the best a GP can offer you is antispasmodics, laxatives, proton pump inhibitors (PPI) or loperamide medications like Imodium, depending on your symptoms.

IBS is categorised into 3 types:

Type 1: Constipation – Pain and congestion of the intestines, cramping pains, bloating and delayed or infrequent bowel movements. Hard stools. We also see piles and fissures alongside this due to congestion and straining.

Type 2: Diarrhoea – Pain and discomfort, frequent bowel movements, with urgency. Loose stools.

Type 3: Constipation & Diarrhoea – an alternating and altogether unpleasant mix of the above 2!

IBS sufferers may suffer with all 3 types at different times throughout their life

Laxatives are often prescribed for Type 1 & 3 – If constipation is your nemesis then a laxative can seem like welcome relief when things are at a standstill. The body dislikes statis, it needs to flow. Here’s the deal with laxatives, and why they don’t actually do you any favours.
Depending on the type of laxative, they can take up to 3 days to work, long term use can cause the bowel to lose its ability to contract efficiently.

The bowel or colon is a continuous tube from the small intestines, it is categorised into 3 parts, ascending, transverse and descending. The descending colon finishes in the sigmoid colon and contents pass from here out of the anus.Usually stools that are passed come from the last section of the colon (descending) the rest of the contents from the ascending and transverse section then slowly contract around to form the next toilet trip (anywhere from 12 -24 hours later)
However, a laxative does not respect this order, it is not patient and its job is to clear all sections of the colon as quickly as it can.

So why is this a problem? pain

Well, there is nothing left in the large intestines now. It could take anywhere from 2-4 days to have any content worth ejecting. Plus its getting lazy. Why contract so efficiently if it doesn’t need to? We then panic. “I haven’t had a poo in 3 days so I must still be constipated!”. Laxatives become habitual in our quest for a daily poo!

Type 2 IBS sufferers are often reliant on Imodium to be able to leave the bathroom and house in the morning. Anxiety and panic over where the nearest toilet is on their commute or school run. Scrutinising every food they consume, food diaries, allergy tests and a growing list of intolerances.

Whichever type you may be, the toll on our mental and emotional health is massive for an IBS sufferer. I know this, i’ve been there and I understand how crippling this condition can be..

There are many triggers for IBS.

Antibiotics – This is a big one, destroys all your gut bacteria, good and bad. We need those to keep a healthy gut biome. Long term antibiotic use can wreak havoc on your gut. It can take many years to balance itself. The gut biome becomes weak and defenceless. Probiotics can be really helpful here. A good quality Probiotic can do wonders for the gut and beyond. The market is flooded with options. Ideally you need a good multi-strain probiotic that can survive the acidity of the stomach and survive to repopulate the gut.

Leaky Gut – When our intestines become permeable, through damage, inflammation, long term medications etc. Waste products, bacteria and undigested food particles can pass directly into the bloodstream. The body is under attack and creates antibodies to protect. It cannot differentiate between extremely toxic waste and a bit of part digested wheat, so it mounts a full on defence. Hence the increased intolerances and allergies to allergen foods. I have seen many clients who have a list of foods as long as my arm that they can no longer tolerate.

Stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, panic attacks, adrenal overload and hormone disorders also affect the workings of the digestive system. It’s a well honed machine, it aim is to get back on track, and for the most part we are the ones who hinder this process, albeit unwittingly.

Now for the good news! I found a way out of this myself, as a homeopath I help people with their IBS symptoms, I look at each and every person’s case as an individual. I identify triggers and use homeopathic remedies that support the digestive organs. Whilst I class myself as a constitutional homeopath, meaning I find a remedy that encompasses all your symptoms (Gut and beyond) I do also use remedies as organ support. I also use bowel nosode remedies and I have been seeing some excellent results using these in my practice. These are used to help convert non lactose fermenting (bad) bacteria into more gut happy bacteria. The effects of bad gut health extends far beyond the mechanics of digestion. I see skin problems, brain fog, mood issues all being directly influenced by the gut biome.

If you’re sick of living at the mercy of your bowel, then take your health in hand then let me see if I can help you.

originally published to Steemit Jan 17

Homeopathy & Broken Bones


Nearly all of us have, at some point broken or fractured a bone, or someone in our family has. Obviously this requires immediate medical attention, but there are remedies you can take to assist in the long term healing of such injuries, and also to help with the initial shock and pain of sustaining an injury.

Bone breaks and fractures can benefit from the usual soft tissue trauma remedy, Arnica, in either 30c or 200c. Give a dose as soon as possible. Arnica is reputed to help with bruising and pain associated with a break, in fact it can be so effective that often the nursing staff won’t believe there could be a break, the person appears to be coping so well with the pain from such an injury. This was my experience when my son, then aged 5, fractured his elbow. Arnica was so effective they nearly didn’t x-ray him!

Once an x-ray has confirmed a break or fracture, and more importantly, when the bone has been set back in the correct position, Symphytum 30c can be used to help the bone knit back together. Again this can be a very effective and fast acting remedy and it is vital that the bone is set correctly before giving this remedy to avoid improper healing – I cannot emphasise this point enough!
I gave my son Symphytum and Arnica 30c twice daily for a week, it was all that was required.

Compound Fractures, whern the bone has broken through the skin, calls for Calendula. Once it has been reset Symphytum can carry on the healing. Calendula can be stopped when the skin has healed and the open wound is no longer at risk from infection. A dose of 30c once or twice a day for a week is usually all that is required.

Rib Damage: Broken ribs can’t be set easily so I would avoid Symphytum here and opt for Bryonia and Arnica instead. Bryonia is a big remedy for ribs, where there is intense pain and the slightest movement is agony.

Support Remedies: Tissue Salts (Cell Salts) Calcium Phosphorica (Calc-P) and Calcium Fluoride (Calc-F) in 6x or 9x potency can be taken daily for prolonged periods.
Great for weak and brittle bones that break easily, or for general bone support in times of growth, or menopause, when the bones can start to become depleted.(osteoporosis / osteogenesis)

What to do when the bone has healed but it’s still painful
Once Symphytum has completed its action, Ruta can be a handy remedy to use if you experience pain after damaging a bone. Ruta is also useful for old fractures that play up from time to time.  Again the use of the 2 tissue salts Calc-P and Calc-F can be used to support bone repair.

How long can I take a remedy for?
As long as there is a need for a remedy, where the symptoms match and are helped by the remedy then it is appropriate to use it. I’ve used 30c potencies given every couple of hours in the early and acute stages, it is wise to wait for a symptom or pain to return before repeating, the remedy may have done its job and no longer be indicated.
i would not advise taking remedies over a long period of time. If the pain persists then it would be wise to consult a qualified homeopath. There are many homeopathic remedies indicated for musculoskeletal injuries and healing. The ones mentioned here are just the ones most commonly used.  

Useful First Aid Trauma Remedies:

Arnica – Muscle and soft tissue damage, bruising and shock. Extreme fear is a common reaction to a sudden injury and Arnica is well indicated for this. Injuries where the slightest movement causes pain. Try Arnica

Symphytum – Fractures, broken bones, slow healing. Pain from past breakages indicates Symphytum, remembering the rule of making sure the bones have been set before using this remedy.

Ruta – Joint, cartilage and tendon injuries. Useful for dislocations and strains. Pain, made worse or not eased by movement of the affected parts

Rhus Tox – Similar to Ruta but the pain needing Rhus Tox is eased after movement.

Calendula – External wounds, skin damage, burns, natural antiseptic and reputed to help heal skin damage and cuts

Hypericum – Where nerve damage has occurred. Whiplash and shooting nerve pains indicate Hypericum. Spinal injuries where nerves are involved.

Bryonia – Fractures where slightest movement is agony, and fractures anywhere, but affinity to the ribs especially. Also good for dislocations along with Ruta.

Bellis Perennis – A deeper acting Arnica, for deep soft tissue trauma and damage. Affinities to the abdomen, pelvis and breast.

Homeopathy for the modern world.

I’ve wanted to write about this subject for a long time, in practice I have seen many homeopaths disagree on the “right” way to practice. These disagreements are usually lighthearted and well meant, and I feel as a profession, we tend to support each other, and the individual systems that practitioners use.

Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy published 6 editions of the Organon, between 1810 and the last, published posthumously in 1921. During the years of refining his craft Hahnemann changed his mind a lot! On potency, duration and administering of remedies.

Some hold the Organon up as an example of perfection and declare classical homeopathy to be the mainstream way to practice this traditional art. But is it?

I was classically trained, and I have an enormous amount of respect for Hahnemann, but life and health in the 1800s was vastly different from the life we lead now. Modern day stresses, toxicity from pharmaceutical medications and vaccinations prevail. Chemical overload from foods, artificial hormones and skin care products were not relevant in the 1800s. We live in toxic times and any form of medicine needs to understand this, to be effective.

I see cases where a classical one remedy approach works, and this will always be the case, Hahnemann’s legacy prevails. But I also see many cases where this is not going to address the problem, where organs are struggling to cope, side effects from prescription drugs, ongoing chronic states of suppression from antidepressants, immunosuppressants, steroids etc. Hahnemann did not have these obstacles.

Hahnemann’s work evolved through every edition of the Organon, and I believe that it should continue to evolve. There will always be a nod to this great man in every remedy I give, but homeopathy should not be frozen in time, I feel if he was alive in these times then he would be prescribing very differently. He was a pioneer and constantly changed his theories, as should we.

We all agree that homeopathy is an individualistic form of medicine, this individuality should be reflected in our prescribing techniques too. It’s time homeopathy stopped segregating itself, our overall goal is the same:

“The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed” Aphorism 1

It should not matter how we do this, only that it is done.

Homeopathy & Cerebral Palsy

I first met Sebby in 2015 when he was almost 2 years old. I have had the privilege to treat him over the last 2 years and would love to share his story with you.

Background: Sebby was born at home in 2013, he presented with a cord prolapse, the midwife called an ambulance and whilst waiting for help had to push Sebby up into the birth canal to hold his head off of the cord, after 5 minutes the ambulance arrived and Sebby was born dead, he was revived and came back to life within a few minutes, it is not known how long he had been without oxygen. Neither the midwife nor the ambulance crew had oxygen masks for a child, or an oxygen stat machine. He was transferred between 2 hospitals and was placed in a cooling machine for 72 hours to try and limit the damage to his brain.
Sebby has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and later with a diagnosis of spastic quadriplegia. Mentally he is like any other little boy, he is funny and happy, if not a little frustrated at times by his lack of mobility. For Sebby the handicap he has is physical.

First Appointment: October 2015, Sebby was developing slowly and suffered very large poo for such a young child, teething issues and he also suffered spasms of his neck and had almost no neck control at all due to the brain damage he had suffered at birth. Sebby also had a very peculiar symptom of not being able to breath when outside in windy weather. He would choke and be sick if he was facing into the wind. It was becoming quite a problem for his mum, Ann, who could not take him on walks or even through some shop doorways as they blow air down onto you. After his first remedy that stopped, and has never returned. Ann noticed a positive change in him and described it as “he has woken up” he began to interact more with his surrounding and tried to communicate more. His neck spasms temporarily increased after the remedy Calc Carb, and then subsided. They still occur but with much less frequency.

Dec 2015 At Sebby’s second appointment Ann said she was pleased with his progress and he now seemed like a little boy rather than a floppy baby, family members had commented on the change and yet no one could quite put their finger on what had altered. Sebby sees a cranio therapist and also has regular Bowen treatments to help his mobility and muscles. I repeat the Calc Carb 1M as progress is being made

Feb 2016 The third appointment and improved strength is reported and Sebby is able to support himself better, his neck control is still weak but it is improved. Cranio & Bowen  treatments are targeting the diaphragm and neck muscles so I prescribe him Rainbow 10M to take after these sessions. The diaphragm is important in Cerebral Palsy cases as the trauma of the starved oxygen at birth is held here, cranio & Bowen are working to open up the rib cage which in turn will strengthen neck control. Sycamore Seed 30c was given to take prior to a Bowen treatment as its vital to support the work of all the therapists involved in the treatment of Sebby.

In August 2016 I see Sebby again and Ann reports a growth spurt, since Sebby has been small for his age it is good to see him thriving. This is the appointment where Ann tells me she received the spastic quadriplegia diagnosis. Sebby is suffering spasms in his legs and his toes are contracted and curling up. He is due to start at nursery school in the next month, he is growing up and Ann reports much chatter from him, although it isn’t well formed words, he certainly has a lot to say! I decide on Causticum 30c to see if we can address the muscle spasms and do anything for the weak neck control. A few days after seeing Sebby I pick up an answer machine message from Ann who is delighted by his response, his spasms had reduced and after a few days were barely there at all.

November 2016 the spasms have stopped (although Ann reports they returned over a few days when she forgot to give the remedy). He is chatting more and more and is able to eat and chew now. He’s hit the terrible twos! He dislikes being left alone in a room and it’s clear his lack of mobility is a great frustration to him. His toes are still curling. His arm control is much improved

March 17: At this appointment so much seems to have changed since November, the spasms have lessened, toes still curl. Neck is better, and I was sent a YouTube link to a recording of Sebby walking with help. This is an incredible achievement for Sebby, and a testament to the sheer love and determination his parents have for him. They never limit him and this is very inspirational. They have sought out an incredible Bowen practitioner, Cranio Osteopath and McTimoney chiropractor to work with Sebby. Many therapists having different input into this case, and support each others work. 

I change my approach to this case now, I look at the aetiology of this case, lack of oxygen at birth and brain injury. And i wonder what a high dose of Arnica will do? So i prescribe Sebby Arnica 10M single dose.
I hear nothing for a few days and then I am contacted by Ann who says that Sebby went very quiet and appeared to be in another world for a few days. He was calm and content but occupied in his mind, like he was processing something.

I feel high potency remedies are important here, there is a lot of energy in this child and I do feel he burns through many remedies quickly. Having spoken to other colleagues with Cerebral Palsy experience, we observed that the higher potencies can be powerful in treating the symptoms of this condition. For Sebby it is about helping him to have the best life possible, with as much mobility as possible. We are learning so much about the brain and neuro-plasticity, there is always hope and Sebby is the most determined young man! I look forward to watching him meet his milestones and continue to defy the labels and limitations that modern medicine seem to want to keep placing on him.

Many thanks to Ann for allowing me to tell Sebby’s story and use his gorgeous photo

Homeopathy listens to your story.

I am often asked “Why do you ask me so many questions that have nothing to do with my illness?” The reason is simple, I want to know you, as the unique individual that you are. I want to know what your childhood was like, about your friendships and relationships, what do you dream about? What makes you angry or sad, and what makes you happy?

Just because you are feeling anxious or depressed or in a process of grief does not mean that you are feeling the same way that someone else is, who is going through a similar trauma event. And this is the key to it all. Homeopathy needn’t be complicated or confusing, the answer lies in its simplicity.

We are all individual! We have different desires, different goals in life, different body shapes and tastes in food, clothes and music. We express our emotions very differently and our bodies express physical, mental and emotional upsets in a myriad of different ways. You may think that this doesn’t sound simple at all, but it is.

We are a walking, breathing and animated version of what is going on in our conscious and subconscious mind.

All our fears and traumas are part of who we are and how we behave. Our childhood and early years set a blueprint for how we process and react to life and its stresses. As we grow we are influenced by many factors, from family, school and friendships. We learn behaviours and coping mechanisms when exposed to traumatic events, and these become a part of who we are and how we differ from our siblings and peers. This is why it makes sense to me that a system of medicine should encompass this individuality, in contrast to the one pill fits all ethos of modern medicine.

Homeopathy does not work by suppression, it does not focus on one symptom alone, for this would mean missing the bigger picture. All symptoms are messages from the body that something is out of balance, to suppress the messages does not re-balance the body, it often means the body will create more symptoms to express itself. To a homeopath every symptom is a window to see deeper inside.

As a homeopath, I am not so concerned by what disease you have or haven’t been diagnosed with, I want to know about how that disease, and more importantly how its symptoms, affect you. I want to know your story, told by you.


Pompholyx (Dyshidrotic) Eczema Treated By Homeopathy

This was a case of a 9 year old girl who came to see me in May this year, chronic pompholyx eczema on her hands and feet. been a problem for several years. Many trips to the doctor and lots of steroid creams only ever gave temporary relief. Steroid creams act in a suppressive way, once they are stopped the condition usually returns. Steroid creams aren’t safe to be used constantly as they thin the skin and make it more fragile and damaged with long term use.

Monica’s hands and feet were always sweaty and the eczema would itch and blister. her feet were scarred from years of eruptions and scabs. Monica was starting to become more self conscious of her feet and hands and her dad brought her to see me in May after another unsuccessful trip to the GP, and yet another prescription for a steroid cream.

monica-B4I gave Monica the remedy Silica, in 30c potency, one a night for a week. Silica being an excellent skin remedy when there is the presence of extreme sweating to the hands and feet. Monica did not sweat excessively anywhere else on her body. Silica is also well indicated for skin scarring and slow to heal wounds so I felt this was the appropriate remedy at this time.

6 Weeks later….

The skin was starting to heal, there were no new eruptions of the eczema and the sweating was subsiding. I was told that when her dad held her hand on a walk he couldn’t believe that it wasn’t sweaty anymore!

August 2017

This was the second (and last) appointment I had with Monica. As you can see from the photo below, the hands and feet are now soft and free of scars and eczema. All of this was achieved in 3 months, with one remedy, after years of steroid creams failed to achieve a permanent resolution. Even through a hot summer with her feet in trainers, Monica’s feet remain free from the eczema that blighted much of her early childhood.


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Help! My Child Will Only Eat Sugar

Another case example of behavioural  issues in a little boy, troubled at home and this unsettled theme plays out in food control and fussy eating. This case was resolved by one remedy over a 6 month period, again demonstrating the power of the constitutional approach to homeopathy.

March 16

5 year old Harry came to see me with his mum who was exasperated by the situation she found herself in. Harry would live off of biscuits, despite many attempts to feed him fruit and vegetables. He would dutifully eat a few mouthfuls and then announce he was full and push his plate away. Half an hour later he would be demanding biscuits which would result in terrible temper tantrums until his request was met. His mum had tried to be firm with him but was having some relationship problems with Harry’s dad and had run out of energy and patience to deal with him.
Harry was a very confident and outgoing boy, he enjoyed school and his teacher had given him a glowing report at a recent parents evening. He was a bright, independent and quiet well behaved member of his class. His mum laughed as she recounted this report to me, explaining that at home Harry was extremely badly behaved, bossy towards his little brother and generally full of back chat towards her. His relationship with his father was somewhat different. His father was portrayed to me as a domineering, overbearing unhappy man who worked long hours and was very absent from the home most of the time.The parents relationship was fiery and under strain. Harry would become very affectionate and clingy to his father whilst he was quite emotionally detached from his mum.
Harry had been a happy baby, quite headstrong but contented. He had had a very good appetite until about a year ago and then things changed. His sleep was difficult. He would have nightmares which escalated when the atmosphere in the home was tense.
Harry would sometimes be heard crying in his sleep although he didn’t wake up during this.
Harry’s mum felt that his food habits were a form of controlling behaviour and his temper would flare easily and seemed to fluctuate along with this blood sugar levels. He had mood swings from his diet and Harry’s father would give in to him and feed his sugar addiction.

I gave Harry a remedy called Lycopodium Clavatum in 200c potency. Lycopodium is another of the major childhood remedies and is well indicated for children who can be headstrong and domineering in situations and with people they are comfortable with but in contrast, will be quiet and an angelic child in situations that they are not in control of. In Harry’s case I felt his mum was seen as loving and safe so Harry was confident that her love was not in question, he could behave however he wanted towards his Mum and sibling. But school was a different scenario and here he was compliant in his behaviour. I felt he was seeking his father’s approval and love and this reflected his behaviour here.

Lycopodium is a remedy that spring to mind whenever there is a huge dependence on sugar. They crave sugar but it affects them negatively. Lycopodium is about the struggle for power and control, this was the pattern being played out at meal times. With dipping and fluctuating energy levels from the sugar Harry was either too tired at bedtime or climbing the walls from sugar! Plus the added tensions between his parents did not help the situation. People needing Lycopodium nearly always have stomach issues, weak digestion, bloating and nervous stomachs. 

May 2016.

Harry came back to see me 2 months later. Again a very confident and chatty 5 year old. His mum reported that she was separating from Harry’s father and that they were in the process of moving. Harry was coping well and mum felt he understood the situation and that he would see plenty of his father without the tensions that had been commonplace over the last year.
Sleep was much improved. Still a few nightmares but no reports of crying in his sleep.
Harry has been trying new foods and has developed a love for roast dinners.  He still asked for sugary snacks and these were given occasionally but he was no longer surviving on sugar, and he only got these if he ate his dinner. He was more affectionate towards him mother but there was still some bossiness with his little brother. School was a happy environment and he was popular with the other children. Mum observed that the demanding behaviour reared its head a few times but she linked this with stress at home.

September 2016.

Harry has moved up into a new class at school and remains happy, hardworking and popular amongst his friends.
Mum and Dad now live apart and they keep the tensions away from the children. Home is happier for Harry and his brother. They share time with both parents separately.
Food is still good. Not an adventurous eater, but will try new things if encouraged. Lives on a limited diet but it’s healthy and not causing the sugar spikes as before. Stomach pains are transient and these only appear when Harry is nervous about something, and they subside as quickly as they appear.

There are many reasons why children become fixated on one food group or are “picky eaters” this case, i felt, was about being in control of some aspect of their life, for other children it can be due to textures and consistency of foods, bad experiences with food and being forced to eat etc. To solve an issue the reason for the behaviour needs to be understood and addressed.

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