Initial consultations This takes about one hour (maybe a bit more) and cover your past medical history, and that of your immediate family. A classical homeopathic approach takes into account your personality, thoughts and feelings and looks at how your body and mind respond to stress and general day to day living. A remedy is matched to your personal situation and ailment by a process of conversation and understanding of you as an individual.

It is my job to gather as much relevant information as possible about your condition, taking into consideration the things that both ease and aggravate your symptoms, as well as your sleep habits, likes and dislikes and lifestyle habits.

All consultations are undertaken in total confidence, and as homeopaths we are bound by a  strict code of ethics and guidelines. Some of the questions you are asked may seem irrelevant and completely unrelated to your condition, but through the process of the initial consultation we can then start to tailor a remedy to you, as an individual.

Follow Up Consultations 45 minute appointment where we can monitor your progress. Follow ups are usually required 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment and can then be less frequent. Sometimes the body is quick to respond to homeopathic remedies and sometimes the process takes longer. Homeopathy is not always a quick fix and its important to allow the body to respond in its own time and at its own pace.