Concussion – A Simple Homeopathic Resolution


15 year old girl “J” came to see me recently, she had sustained a head injury and subsequent concussion at school the week before, Nasty incident of a fire door being flung open, and poor J completely unaware and on the wrong side of it. She was so dazed that she was hit twice by it before falling out the way.

She had to be collected from school and taken to the GP as she felt nauseous, and had a terrible headache. She couldn’t focus her eyes and was suffering from photo-phobia. The GP diagnosed severe concussion and sent her home with a warning to go straight to A&E if she was vomiting or her symptoms worsened.

Over the weekend the headache was unrelenting and the eyesight was still a problem, coupled with extreme tiredness. J had not been back to school since the incident and was unable to do any revision for her upcoming GCSEs. She went to A&E but was told it would take time to recover and could last weeks!

J’s mum had given her Arnica in 30C potency straight after and a few doses over the weekend, but it wasn’t helping, she ended up coming to see me 6 days after her concussion.

Whilst she was with me I gave her one dose of Arnica 10M (Arnica was the right remedy for her, but I just felt this needed a higher potency now) J slid down onto my couch and was asleep within minutes of taking the Arnica, we let her sleep for a short time.
When she woke up she said her headache had gone and she felt better.

I sent her home with some Helleborus 30c which is excellent for headaches caused by vision impairment after concussion.

J slept again when she got home and a couple of doses of Helleborus have much improved the eye sight and is helping her study again. I also gave her some Hypericum 30c for the whiplash type injury she had to her neck.

Arnica is an incredible remedy and well indicated for trauma or blows to the head, its a remedy we think of for use in a Stroke as it has a thinning action on the blood – hence its ability to speed up the process of bruising and soft tissue trauma.

Arnica is an excellent remedy to have on hand. Every home should have some!

A short and simple acute case that resolved easily. But it’s amazing in practice, how often I see people who tell me they’ve never been well since a head injury or trauma. These types of accidents can have long lasting consequences and I wonder if these accidents had been treated with homeopathy soon after they happened, what the health of that person would be like now?

With this in mind I have seen remedies address symptoms that have been deep-set within the body for many years. Time is no match for homeopathy, if a symptom is present from a long past event, it can still work its wonders and help the body to re-balance itself. It can do this with mental and emotional states as well as physical trauma.

Homeopathy can be a powerful and safe alternative way to address many acute and chronic conditions. Often the mainstream medical approach cannot provide relief, as this case demonstrates. If you are suffering and are struggling to find a solution then consider consulting a homeopath. You have nothing to lose! Homeopathic remedies can be used alongside conventional medicine, often helping with the undesirable side effects of  prescription or OTC drugs.

First published to Steemit  22nd March 2018


Homeopathy & Broken Bones


Nearly all of us have, at some point broken or fractured a bone, or someone in our family has. Obviously this requires immediate medical attention, but there are remedies you can take to assist in the long term healing of such injuries, and also to help with the initial shock and pain of sustaining an injury.

Bone breaks and fractures can benefit from the usual soft tissue trauma remedy, Arnica, in either 30c or 200c. Give a dose as soon as possible. Arnica is reputed to help with bruising and pain associated with a break, in fact it can be so effective that often the nursing staff won’t believe there could be a break, the person appears to be coping so well with the pain from such an injury. This was my experience when my son, then aged 5, fractured his elbow. Arnica was so effective they nearly didn’t x-ray him!

Once an x-ray has confirmed a break or fracture, and more importantly, when the bone has been set back in the correct position, Symphytum 30c can be used to help the bone knit back together. Again this can be a very effective and fast acting remedy and it is vital that the bone is set correctly before giving this remedy to avoid improper healing – I cannot emphasise this point enough!
I gave my son Symphytum and Arnica 30c twice daily for a week, it was all that was required.

Compound Fractures, whern the bone has broken through the skin, calls for Calendula. Once it has been reset Symphytum can carry on the healing. Calendula can be stopped when the skin has healed and the open wound is no longer at risk from infection. A dose of 30c once or twice a day for a week is usually all that is required.

Rib Damage: Broken ribs can’t be set easily so I would avoid Symphytum here and opt for Bryonia and Arnica instead. Bryonia is a big remedy for ribs, where there is intense pain and the slightest movement is agony.

Support Remedies: Tissue Salts (Cell Salts) Calcium Phosphorica (Calc-P) and Calcium Fluoride (Calc-F) in 6x or 9x potency can be taken daily for prolonged periods.
Great for weak and brittle bones that break easily, or for general bone support in times of growth, or menopause, when the bones can start to become depleted.(osteoporosis / osteogenesis)

What to do when the bone has healed but it’s still painful
Once Symphytum has completed its action, Ruta can be a handy remedy to use if you experience pain after damaging a bone. Ruta is also useful for old fractures that play up from time to time.  Again the use of the 2 tissue salts Calc-P and Calc-F can be used to support bone repair.

How long can I take a remedy for?
As long as there is a need for a remedy, where the symptoms match and are helped by the remedy then it is appropriate to use it. I’ve used 30c potencies given every couple of hours in the early and acute stages, it is wise to wait for a symptom or pain to return before repeating, the remedy may have done its job and no longer be indicated.
i would not advise taking remedies over a long period of time. If the pain persists then it would be wise to consult a qualified homeopath. There are many homeopathic remedies indicated for musculoskeletal injuries and healing. The ones mentioned here are just the ones most commonly used.  

Useful First Aid Trauma Remedies:

Arnica – Muscle and soft tissue damage, bruising and shock. Extreme fear is a common reaction to a sudden injury and Arnica is well indicated for this. Injuries where the slightest movement causes pain. Try Arnica

Symphytum – Fractures, broken bones, slow healing. Pain from past breakages indicates Symphytum, remembering the rule of making sure the bones have been set before using this remedy.

Ruta – Joint, cartilage and tendon injuries. Useful for dislocations and strains. Pain, made worse or not eased by movement of the affected parts

Rhus Tox – Similar to Ruta but the pain needing Rhus Tox is eased after movement.

Calendula – External wounds, skin damage, burns, natural antiseptic and reputed to help heal skin damage and cuts

Hypericum – Where nerve damage has occurred. Whiplash and shooting nerve pains indicate Hypericum. Spinal injuries where nerves are involved.

Bryonia – Fractures where slightest movement is agony, and fractures anywhere, but affinity to the ribs especially. Also good for dislocations along with Ruta.

Bellis Perennis – A deeper acting Arnica, for deep soft tissue trauma and damage. Affinities to the abdomen, pelvis and breast.