Turning Night Sweats into Sweet Nights


Nov 2017:
I met 43 year old Susan back in November last year. Her main complaint was severe night sweats, every night, without fail. She had to sleep on a bath towel. She had difficulty getting off to sleep, and would wake up in the early hours drenched and cold.
Her periods were extremely painful and the week prior to her period she “turned into a hormonal monster” she reported flying off the handle for no reason. Her husband joked about moving into the garage for his own sanity.
Susan had lots of lumpy skin complaints in the week leading up to her period, along with agonising stomach cramps that would have her clock watching for the next dose of paracetamol and ibuprofen. She said that once her period began the pain would disappear, although the sweats were relentless and the skin was never great.
I made a note of her symptoms and attempted my usual line of questioning, but I never really got an answer as she spoke constantly, at high speed and jumped between subjects at astonishing speed! I made a note of this – as it was a very good indication of what I believed would be the perfect remedy!

I decided upon on a prescription of Lachesis 200c. Lachesis being a huge hormonal remedy (although there are many others) The keynotes of Lachesis are: Going to bed fine and waking up in an aggravation. This was evident in the sleep sweats, they occurred while Susan was asleep and she woke up wet and cold. Lachesis is also a fantastic remedy for suppression of discharges. In Susan we see sweat as a discharge, and also emotional discharges like anger and verbal discharges of fast talking. Lachesis is a remedy that is better for free discharge – and when Susan’s period came all her pain and anger would abate. Clever!

Jan 2018: Susan reported a reduction in the night sweats, only occurring every few nights now. She is sleeping better and feels less volatile (compounded by her husband no longer joking about moving out!) Skin is better, no new lumps under the skin or in the hair margins on her scalp. The existing ones are getting smaller. Period was a little heavier that it had been but was less painful and she hadn’t needed to take pain relief or use a hot water bottle.
She’s still talking at the speed of light so I decide I need to learn shorthand as I cannot keep up with her and writing my notes!
Lachesis, but move up to 1M potency

March 2018: I was met by a very different woman this time! Susan reported that she had not had a night sweat since mid January. She is happy that she doesn’t have to shower at 1am anymore.
Period was not as heavy and again there was no pain. The skin is clean and the lumps have all gone. She says she’s “not felt this good in 5 years.”

I didn’t give a remedy this time as I would like to see her after another couple of cycles of her period, just to make sure the Lachesis has completed its action. I have other ideas of where I would like to go with this case. But for now I am just watching and waiting for the body to make its next move!

Photo by Noel Nichols on Unsplash

First published to Steemit 23rd March 2018

Melasma & Chloasma – A case for Homeopathy


Melasma (also known as Chloasma) can be an unsightly condition affecting many people. I was 28 when I developed this large patch of melasma on the side of my face. It started off quite small and pale in colour, but over the years it grew and darkened. New patches would spring up around my eyes and on my forehead. These would fade and be barely visible over time, but that one big patch just kept on spreading and darkening. It became impossible to cover with makeup and I knew I had to do something about it.

I had tried many ‘cures’ over the years with no improvement at all. High potency vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, creams aimed at targeting hyperpigmentation – nothing worked. I drew the line at laser surgery as there had to be a less invasive way, and reading others experiences of lasering, it often made the problem worse and damaged the skin permanently.

Melasma has many causes, from sun damage to hormonal imbalances. It is common during pregnancy, but usually resolves once the hormone levels return to normal after childbirth. This did not happen for me, it worsened throughout both my pregnancies and never improved.

Last summer I decided to take action against it.
I figured the first place to start was my hormones. I realised that the years I had been on the contraceptive pill had been the time it started to appear, however it had been 10 years since stopping the pill and really, could that be the culprit? Being a homeopath I ran a simple contraceptive pill detox on myself using remedies to support and regulate the hormonal system and test my theory.

This was a 3 month programme and during that time I didn’t notice any real change in the melasma, it remained defiant on my cheek. It is hard to treat yourself homeopathically , so I thought I would take some of my own advice and be patient.

Over the next month I noticed 2 things, firstly it was easier to cover with makeup, a small dab of concealer and it was gone, before I had to use camouflage makeup if I was going out, or trowel on several layers of concealer to tame it a bit. I also noticed on closer inspection that the edges of the mark were softening, it began to lose its strong dark border, and in the centre of the mark pinker skin was appearing.

melasma image.jpg

6 months from detox:
It is almost gone now (as you can see from the photos) I am taking no other remedies for it. I hope that in another few months it will completely disappear, but it’s so much better that I hardly notice it anymore.

8 months from treatment and still improving

The contraceptive pill is not the wonder drug I thought it was in my younger years, it can cause all manor of problems with our hormones. My hormones had been suppressed for years under this drug. It’s a shame there is not more education for young girls. I see many 12 and 13 year olds put on the Pill by their GP for period problems, there is so much that can be done for hormonal issues with homeopathy and natural therapies, as this case demonstrates.

First published to Steemit – February 2018