Eczema – A Gentle Approach For You & Your Child

What I observe time and again, in practice, is that bowel & skin conditions often go hand in hand. I see many cases of chronic eczema, severe constipation/impaction and diarrhoea in babies, children and adults. 

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I believe eczema is systemic, it comes from within, it is the skin trying to detox something from the body, the skin is our largest organ of detoxification after all! It seems obvious to me that applications of creams will not solve the problem, and steroid creams may give relief temporarily, but once they are stopped, the eczema usually returns.
Steroids are not safe to use in the long term, and sadly I have seen many adults with damaged skin because of this.

I offer a gentle, natural and safe alternative to all types of skin and bowel issues, in children and adults alike. I don’t believe that eczema has to be a life long affliction.

Our gut is one of the most misunderstood organ systems in the human body.  It is a complex and intelligent piece of physical engineering, but it needs the right care to function optimally.

The gut is one of the first places I look when presented with chronic eczema issues. Diet, multiple or prolonged courses of antibiotics, long term side effects of medications / vaccinations – these can all affect the functioning of the bowel, which in turn affects our skin, and our well-being, both physically and mentally/emotionally.

Typically I expect to see results within 2-3 sessions, sometimes less.

I welcome any questions you may have for a free no obligation chat, please book a time convenient for you or call me on 07900 562882

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Tracy White MA SDSHom

Clinics in Hindhead & Wonersh. Surrey
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