Is your skin or gut stuck in a rut?

Are you fed up of your IBS? Are your bowels controlling your life? Is Eczema an issue? 
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Our gut is one of the most misunderstood organ systems in the human body.  It is a complex and intelligent piece of physical engineering, but it needs the right care to function optimally.

I had a long and personal history with IBS, one I have overcome. I use my knowledge of the gut, along with my training as a classical homeopath to help others overcome their battle with this debilitating condition.

Whether you have IBS or not, the gut is one of the first places I look when presented with chronic eczema issues. Diet, multiple or prolonged courses of antibiotics, Long term side effects of medications – these can all affect the functioning of the bowel, which in turn affects our well-being, both physically and mentally/emotionally.

Typically I expect to see results within 2-3 sessions, sometimes less.

I welcome any questions you may have for a free no obligation chat, please book a time convenient for you or call me on 07900 562882

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Tracy White MA SDSHom

Clinics in Wonersh & Hindhead, Surrey
SKYPE/ONLINE & Telephone appointments available

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