What I do and why I do it

I became interested in homeopathy many years ago when pregnant with my first child, I wanted a system of healthcare that did not involve having to watch my GP google during my consultation, the short appointment slots were never long enough to discuss even the most basic issues and I was fed up with prescriptions that didn’t address mine or my children’s illnesses, at best they temporarily suppressed them, most often they did nothing except give a variety of undesirable side effects, which in turn needed more drugs to address them!

image1So I looked for an alternative, and discovered homeopathy. This has changed my life and the way I perceive illness. I set out to learn as much about this healthcare modality as I possibly could. I graduated from the South Downs School of Homeopathy and carry their licentiate SDSHom which means I have successfully undertaken 4 years of training and examination. Many may view homeopathy as an alternative therapy, but I prefer to think of it as traditional medicine. Homeopathy has been around for hundreds of years and despite efforts to quash it, it’s still growing in popularity. I see results, daily and I am passionate about your well-being.

My patients range from babies to the elderly and with many differing and complex conditions. I enjoy the art of the homeopathic conversation and finding remedies to support the process of health and healing. I see many conditions in my practice, ranging from menopausal symptoms, anxiety & depression, injuries, chronic skin conditions and plenty of childhood issues!

I’m seeing an increasing amount of children in my practice, I find them fascinating! I am particularly interested in behavioural issues & anxieties that children (and teenagers) experience. I also see a fair amount of physical complaints like eczema and allergies. I love meeting and spending time with children to try and help them past the issues they may be facing as they learn and grow.
In general, I find children can respond very quickly to homeopathy and I love being a part of that response.

Please look at my patient testimonials to see the range of conditions that homeopathy, and I, could help you with.

For a free, no obligation chat, please do give me a call.

Tracy White SDSHom


Clinics in Wonersh & Haslemere, Surrey

For more information call
Tracy 07900 562882.

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