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March 2018 – Read the case blog here


“I started having consultations with Tracy back in July 2017 with regards to my ulcerative colitis. I have suffered with this for over 20 years and never thought I would ever feel this well again. After 5 months of help from Tracy I am confident and excited about my future and have very few ulcerative colitis symptoms.
Tracy was very accommodating in that I was very anxious to travel long distances in order to see her due to my ulcerative colitis so I was able to have my consultations over the phone. I now don’t have these worries and a trip to see her is now more of an adventure than a fear. Thank you Tracy for all your help. Xx”

DJ – Banstead Jan 2018

Huge thanks for the help you have given me with my health and my daughter’s too. You are amazing and I’ve gone from being a sceptic to using homeopathy regularly. Can’t recommend you enough.xx

LD – West Sussex Jan 2018


June 2017 A case of chronic Pompholyx / Dyshidrotic eczema improving after only 2 weeks on a remedy. to read about Monica’s treatment click here

“When you have had a spinal injury for 15 years and you have seen your therapist the week before,  where she randomly mentions, how she would love to be able to see the spinous process, to be able to work on it but it’s not there. Therefore only being able to work above and below the area. I see Tracy for a constitutional remedy last Saturday. I go back to my therapist this Friday to find my spinous process has revealed itself.When I had had two Ops, two aspirations on the ganglion on my foot and one remedy completely cured it within hours.
Even my husband was amazed and now being treated by Tracy. Homeopathy is an incredible tool to use alongside other therapies and on its own hopefully the medical profession could look a little deeper into these miracles that I have personally received as have many of my clients and friends. As I have been in agony with my spinal injury over the years I am incredibly grateful to see this part of my spine again. Still a dip there but not a dish. Thank you Tracy.” Sal Worringham – Wonersh

“Thank you Tracy for your support and advice to help me face and recover from the second stage of specialist dental surgery recently.
The remedy I had before my surgery calmed my nerves and helped me to cope with several injections, which I found extremely anxiety provoking and painful during my first procedure.
My healing post surgery has been amazing, very little pain and inflammation compared to last time,  thanks to the remedies you advised. My surgeon is extremely pleased with my recovery too.
I am very impressed with homeopathic remedies having previously been unsure about them.”
JW – Bramley

“Just to say my arm has completely healed and no longer itchy – happy days – Thank you so much. Will definitely recommend you to others”
EC Guildford

“I can’t recommend Tracy enough for her Homeopathy.
I came to her first for the odd cold or cold sore.
She was excellent and always available with good advice for the next remedy. After a lifetime of antibiotics for chest infections I never use them and never will.Later I came to her for help with my migraines,
once again professional and insightful she worked through each stage of my healing.
I can honestly say I have no migranes these days.Excellent!! Thanks again Tracy it’s has been life changing to be introduced to the power of homeopathy.”
Emily Tuck – Shamley

“My son Sebby has Cerebral Palsy and with that comes many complications. Tracy has been amazing at providing remedies that have seriously made a change to his being. She has worked on different levels with him since we began seeing her in October 2015.

What I love about Tracy is that she really delves into all aspects of Sebby and the remedies she comes with often cover a multitude of symptoms – they seem to always work the way she predicts. The weirdest instance was a remedy for his “twisting” spasms that also helped with not liking the wind blowing (We had really struggled with Sebby almost choking himself if the weather was windy…no medical expert could explain such a strange occurrence and yet Tracy cleared it!).

Tracy is not only brilliant at what she does, she explains everything so beautifully. Her passion is very obvious and her intuitive and personable, caring nature are wonderful aspects.

I’m so looking forward to being able to see her myself. Sebby and I are very blessed!”
AW – Stedham To read Sebby’s Story click here

“I saw Tracy to help with my menopausal symptoms, particularly the hot flushes which were disturbing my night’s sleep.  Since being treated by Tracy I rarely experience them during the day and they have reduced significantly at night.  Thank you Tracy!”

JC – Midhurst 2014

“Tracy, Thank you so much with your help for my chronic Lymes. You are a star and it’s working”
NS, Farncombe